LUCILLE Pocketfold Invitation

LUCILLE Pocketfold Invitation


130mm Square Invitation including Luggage style Additional Information Card and RSVP.

The Pocketfold is decorated with 40mm floral lace, 16mm double sided Satin Ribbon and uses Rope ribbon to finish.

Also included on the inside are 2 small wooden hearts to the side of the invitation insert. When closed this pocketfold boasts a heart shaped cut out on the pocket flap, neatly presented with a pearl heart to finish.

Available in a variety of colours as shown below (Exact colour requirements will be requested within 24 hours of placing an order)

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75 Pocketfold & Background colours to choose from!

22 Insert Colours to choose from

19 Rope Ribbon Colours to choose from

39 Satin Ribbons to choose from